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Konferencja "Poland First to Fight" w National Press Club w Waszyngtonie

Impreza odbędzie się: 11-20-2019

The International Historical “Poland First to Fight” Conference will be held in the prestigious National Press Club in Washington on 18-20 November 2019. The conference is organized to commemorate the 80-th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II and to promote historical truth about the war. In addition to being an anniversary event, the conference is an occasion to recall important aspects of Polish history, and of the war against Poland, which have been ignored, forgotten, and some even distorted in particularly harmful ways in the post-war years. The event is our collective response to the negative stereotypes, false narratives, and the particularly disrespectful and unfounded defamatory accusations being made about Poland and the Polish people in the public sphere in the United States and other Western countries. Although Poland was an active and loyal ally during World War II, the nation and its history were left behind with the onset of the cold war. The conference panels and our guests will have the opportunity to explore the extraordinary sacrifices and heroism of Poles under siege, and the Polish military’s contribution to the victory of the Allies over the Third Reich. Prominent scholars will revisit Poland’s tragic fate under the two occupations, the consequences of the Hitler-Stalin Pacts, and the fateful abandonment of Poland by its Allies. We will look at the policies of terror and exploitation, the Katyn massacre, the systemic destruction of Poland’s leadership and its institutions, the place of forced labor in the German war economy, the Generalplan Ost, mass resettlements to Syberia and Germany, among others. Scholars will also examine the Underground State created in response, and how Poland’s resistance and contributions are represented by writers and artists. The “Poland First to Fight” Conference is a grassroots initiative in cooperation with Polish historians. The Chairman of the Program Committee is Professor Marek Kornat from the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw. This international event will gather prominent scholars and guests from Poland, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States. Veterans of war, victims of war crimes, and their descendants will also be present and involved. The target audiences are politicians and their staff, archivists, journalists, librarians, researchers, educators, and representatives of the film and publishing industry. The organizers are representatives of Polish communities and organizations in the USA and Europe. The Executive Committee, therefore, represents Polish and Polonia organizations in the US and Europe. These include Polonia Institute, Polish Media Issues, Coalition of Polish Americans, Polish American Congress of Southern California, Polish American Strategic Initiative. The conference is financed by Polish diaspora and individual contributors from Poland. Details of the conference can be found on the website www.iPoland.org. We invite you to participate! Contact: Office of the Conference “Poland First to Fight” c/o Polish American Congress of Southern California 3400 W. Adams Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90018 USA
Gdzie:National Press Club
Washington Dist of Columbia
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